On The Mend

12-Sep-2007 18:31
All three of us are starting to feel better. It’s been almost two weeks and it’s about time!

Rylee’s cold dropped from her head down into her chest late last week. As a result the pediatrician instructed us to take her to the ER on Saturday because she wasn’t eating and sounded really bad. That was a fun three hours! They did a breathing treatment and also did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Everything checked out great and we headed home. Rylee spend the next five nights sleeping with her vaporizer on and with some Vicks in the water. It seems to have helped to break up the stuff in her chest and she’s breathing easier these days. She still has times when she coughs really hard. Those are the times I feel so badly for her. But these times are coming to an end. Whew!