Short Update

22-Sep-2007 10:34
Rylee and I have been dealing with our first colds of the season. We both started over the weekend and are now fully in the throws of it.

I have to say that I’m amazed at how Rylee has managed to keep her normal happy demeanor through it all. She is still constantly smiling and giggling. Me, not so much.

The only time she gets upset is when she coughs a lot at once. This is the only time she cries, and I can’t blame her at all. That’s got to be rough on such a little body. So we hooked up the vaporizer and she slept with that on last night. I do think it helped.

Today is picture day at day care. From what I’ve heard the photographer is really great so we’re looking forward to seeing some great photos of our little sick one in a few weeks.

18-Sep-2007 06:28
Last night we gave Rylee some cereal about two hours before she had her final bottle of the night. She then proceeded to sleep from 11:15pm until I woke her at about 6:15am. I was thrilled to be able to sleep straight through the night. I’m not sure if this was due to the cereal or the fact that she’s not feeling well. But I will say that we’ll be giving her cereal tonight in hopes that it will happen again!

Stay tuned….

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