Road Trip

17-Aug-2007 16:16
Two weekends ago we took a long weekend and headed north to Rochester. We stayed with our friends Erin & Tom and their two adorable twins Audrey and Emily. It just so happened that our friend Allison was also in town so she was there to visit with as well. We had such a great time and the babies couldn’t have been more fun!

18-Aug-2007 13:59
We hung out and ate Tom’s wonderful grilling a few nights. He has a secret spice rub that is so delicious that I even ate pork tenderloin and loved it. (For those who know me that’s huge because as a rule if it’s a cut from a pig with the word pork in it I generally think it’s greasy and don’t enjoy it.) Tom is quite the master of the grill.

Us gals had a nice time catching up and playing with the babies. We also enjoyed some adult beverages as well. Including Tom’s Sangria. I tell ya, if you’re ever at their house insist that Tom grills and makes Sangria for you.

Saturday we got the official tour of Greece, NY where both Allison & Erin grew up. We also got to stop at a few of their old haunts for some delicious greasy burgers and creamy custard. We also took a nice walk near Lake Ontario and enjoyed the cool weather.

16-Aug-2007 18:03
Saturday night we went to dinner at Dinosaur BBQ. If you’re ever in the area we highly suggest you stop in for some amazing food. As a side dish their corn rocks! They also have a great selection of beer. We recommend the Cascazilla as a yummy local IPA.

Sunday we said goodbye and headed home. You can tell it was a great weekend when you had lots of laughs, great food & beer and very little sleep.

Thanks so much to Tom & Erin for a wonderful weekend away!

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