She did it!

16-May-2007 11:11
Last night Rylee slept through the night for the first time!! Woo Hoo! Way to go big girl. Momma however did not. When I woke up and saw 3:50am on the clock I panicked. (From what I understand this is a normal reaction the first time your baby sleeps through the night.) I got up and checked on her, she was sound asleep. I however never got back to sleep.

Rylee had a rough reflux day yesterday so she hadn’t really eaten since 7:30am. I laid there worried because it had been almost 24 hours since she’d eaten. I finally crawled out of bed a little before 6:00am. It was just silly for me to lay there any longer.

Rylee was in her usual great morning mood. She was happy to see Momma & Daddy when we came in the room. Daddy gave her a bottle and she sucked it right down.

We are really hoping that this wasn’t a fluke and that Momma will start to get some much needed, uninterrupted sleep.

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