It’s tricky.

It's TrickyAt my regularly scheduled doctor appointment today I saw a doctor in the practice that I haven’t seen before. When I was originally referred to the practice it was her name I was given, at the time she wasn’t accepting new patients, but is now.

She is extremely thorough, she calls it nosy. Meaning she scoured my file since she hadn’t ever seen me. I was immediately impressed because no other docs I’ve seen have taken the time to do so. Feel free to be as nosy with my file as you want!

As a result she asked me about the two blood clots I had the day after my surgery in 1999. I explained that there was a big one in the left lung and a smaller one in the right one. I was on Coumadin for the standard 6 months afterward and then had extensive testing done to find out that I did not have a predisposition to them. All good stuff.

She then informed me that while pregnant your clotting factor automatically rises and due to my history of not one, but two clots I was an even higher risk. This means that in one visit I went from regular uneventful pregnancy to high risk. Lovely.

I need to see a specialist to find out if I need to be put on a blood thinner and this appointment needs to happen as soon as possible. I’m waiting for them to call me back to schedule an appointment for later in the week.

I am now to go for special appointments every other Tuesday morning until I hit 36 weeks when everyone goes once a week. The good thing about being part of the Tuesday morning groups is that the doctor who sees the high risk patients that day gives report later to all the docs in the group. This is a great thing really. They will all know me and know how my pregnancy is going. This way if they get a call in the middle of the night, they recognize my name as a high risk patient.

So I will be seeing the doctors more often than expected, but it’s a good thing for both Sprout and I.

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