29 weeks and counting

NeedleIt’s hard to believe that in less than three months Sprout will be here. Right now she’s very active early in the morning and around 8-9pm. Last night she was practicing her boxing moves. Her opponent? My rib cage. I think she won.

Yesterday I had to get my blood drawn for my Rhogham shot. It wasn’t painful at all, but the process to make it happen is. I had to go to the outpatient lab and have my blood drawn, then I went to the hospital’s central lab to get the shot they created from my blood. Then I took the shot around the corner to my doctor’s office so they could inject me. What a process. But now it’s over and that is the last of the extras that need to be done during this pregnancy.

Now we just sit back and wait for Sprout’s big arrival. I’m hoping that she’s right on time or a few days early as my dad’s birthday is a few days before my due date. I know that he would be over the moon if she shared his big day.

That’s about all that’s new around here. Enjoy your weekend!

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