Are You Sitting Down?

I cannot tell you how the events of the last week have affected me personally.  I’m not going to rehash anything because I don’t believe the media deserves it.  I will simply say that the once again the media has let sensationalization grip them so hard that they completely lost focus of the victims of this wretched man.

I will say that it’s been a week of motivation for me. I’m rather surprised because I’ve spent the week being physically and emotionally exhausted.  But I’ve managed to make a few decisions that will result in making things better for me and my family.  Bill is completely onboard with them and, truth be told, he’s just as excited as I am.

This morning I sent in a Re-Enrollment form to Penn State’s World Campus.  Yes on both accounts, I’m finally ready to finish my undergraduate degree and most definitely at Penn State.

On my way to mail the envelope I stopped to tell someone I work with and she looked at me and asked, “Penn State, really?”  I didn’t miss a beat and responded with, “Where else would I get my degree from?”

For those of you who don’t know here is what has been my undergraduate degree itinerary to date:

Lock Haven University, Penn State Berks Campus, Liverpool Institute of Higher Education (Liverpool, England), Penn State Main Campus – this is the end of my full time student status.  When I lived in Rhode Island I took classes at Johnson & Wales University.  A few years ago I took classes locally at Immaculata University.

It’s been quite a path to take, but I’m beyond thrilled that when I’m done my degree will be from Penn State.  I also can’t wait to have my photo taken at the shrine with my cap & gown on and my family standing beside me.





4 thoughts on “Are You Sitting Down?

  1. *state school*
    So what you’re saying is you’re ready to do what is not, in reality, hard.
    Do us all a favor & can the sad sack “this scandal that in no way affects me had cost me friendships” line & cop to the fact that the reason people abandon you is because you’re a thief who hasnt had an original thought since you decided to enroll at that- State School.

  2. You are a freak. And a liar. There’s no way that anyone in all of PA questioned why you would enroll at PSU (if that’s even true) and please don’t block me on FB and then decide to steal my tweets by following me on Twitter. Freak.

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