I’m a Pickin’

Yesterday we wanted to find something fun and outdoors to do with the girls.  It just so happened that the local weekly paper had a great suggestion.  A local farm was having it’s Mater & Tater event.  Sounds like fun so off we went….

20-Aug-2011 10:48


The girls made cars out of potatoes that we intended for them to race.  But the heat and a Brynn meltdown prevented that part from happening.

The girls also got to decorate a T-shirt with potato stamps.  They both had a really fun time designing their own shirts.  More than that they are really looking forward to wearing them to daycare tomorrow.

20-Aug-2011 11:11

20-Aug-2011 11:04


After that we decided it was time to pick blackberries.  Everyone had a fun time searching for the big black ones.  We picked just under two pounds! We came home and the girls were more than happy to dig into them after lunch.  I froze about two cups worth so they can enjoy them again in a few months when it’s cold out and we talk about how much fun it was to pick them ourselves.

20-Aug-2011 11:35

20-Aug-2011 11:33


I foresee some apple picking this fall!