Dinner Conversation

Last night we were out to dinner for Bill’s birthday.  Instead of going out on his actual birthday, the 24th, he wanted to wait for Tuesday to go for wings at one of our favorite Cajun spots.

We were sitting there chatting with the girls and this conversation came out of nowhere:

Rylee: Mommy, do you and Daddy sleep?

Me: (Trying not to fall off my chair in a fit of laughter) Yes we do, if we didn’t we’d never be able to keep up with you and Brynn.  When do you think we sleep?

Rylee: After me & Brynn go to bed and you watch TV.

Me: That’s right.  We sleep at night just like you and Brynn.

The lady at the next table was cracking up at his conversation.  Eventually she leaned over and told Rylee that she sleeps too. 

Sidenote: We don’t always watch TV after the girls go to bed.  But we’ve discovered that if we don’t have it on and Rylee can’t hear us talking she gets worried and upset.  So if we’re on the deck or in the office the TV is on for her comfort.