Love Letter: Month 23

Wow, I can’t believe that after this letter you will be two years old.

DSC_7015There are times when I look at you and somehow manage to still see my baby.  Then there are times you walk up to me and spurt out a long sentence and I’m amazed at just how much you understand and can convey that understanding.  It’s a struggle for me because no mom likes it when her baby is no longer a baby.  As much fun as each stage is, knowing that there will be no more babies in the house is a bit sad.  NO, I do not want another baby.  I just want the ones I have to stay young and innocent a bit longer.

Brynn this month your new word is NOW!  It is pretty much put at the end of most sentences these days.  “Mommy home NOW!”  “Eat, NOW!”  “RyRy go potty NOW!”  Sometimes you’re actually yelling at someone when you say it, but most of the time it’s just your way of emphasizing things.

You also crack me up with how you inflect your voice when talking. There is no way I can begin to describe it on here, but when you’re old enough to read these letters, ask me what it was like and I’ll demonstrate for you.  You definitely give Daddy and I something to laugh about on a daily basis.

25-Dec-2010 17:42


You’ve finally hit the point where you won’t take any bull from your sister. I’m not sure if this just because you’re fed up or because you’ve learned, from daycare, that you don’t have to take it.  It’s certainly been a wake up call for Rylee.  When she complains about it we remind her that you have probably learned the behavior from her.

One thing that you’ve started doing is actually sitting still while we read you books.  Before you’d give us the book, we’d read a page, you’d close it and that was it.  Now you sit there and enjoy the book.  You also have decided that you want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Rylee before bed.  Again, you finally sit still and watch the entire 25 minute episode.  I guess you’ve finally decided that you don’t have to be going nonstop until the moment you are put into bed.  You really do like to have both Mommy and Daddy sit and watch with you so this has become a new routine for us.

30-Dec-2010 19:27


Since your birthday is next month I’ve already ordered the fun stuff for your party.  I opened the box with you and you were so excited when you saw all the Ariel stuff.  I think you are really going to enjoy your party this year.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of cake for you.  I just hope you aren’t nearly as messy as you were last year.

So, my babe, this is the next to last regularly (or a wee bit late) scheduled Love Letter for you.  I decided that once you and Rylee turn two I will stop the monthly love letters.  I started this when Rylee turned two and the reason is that once you reach this age there isn’t always a lot that’s new on a monthly basis.

Don’t worry, my new plan is to post a regular update on both of you from now on.  It will be lots of fun for me and I hope for the two of you in the years to come.

Love, Momma

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