Love Letter: Month 11

This month the news is BIG!!  HUGE even.

18-Jan-2010 18:13


Today you decided that you are really committed to this whole walking thing.  You have been thinking about it for a while now and today was the day.  You decided to hit the ground running pretty much as soon as you were out of the crib.

On Christmas, three and a half weeks ago, you took five steps together for the first time.  Before that you had been taking a step here and there.  I kept thinking that you’d be walking by Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s and all along you were waiting till you were exactly eleven months old.  You little stinker!

25-Dec-2009 08:14


Wow, Momma and Daddy’s world is changing again and it will never be the same.  You think you are pretty big stuff today and it’s been fun watching you roam around the house.

In the past month you have had your first Christmas.  Just like your sister you were a big fan of the bows and ribbons on all the gifts.  Rylee was thankful for the gifts and you were thankful that everyone made the packages so pretty.  You are enjoying your new toys so much that we were able to take away a lot of the baby toys.  Yay!

You have been growing like a weed recently.  Again, like your sister, you are long waisted so your onesies are a size bigger than your pants.  Since we’ve been through this before we are well situated with clothing for you.

11-Jan-2010 10:54


Last week we went to the Farm Show with Bobbi & Papa and Uncle Danny’s family.  You had a lot of fun watching all the people and checking out the animals too.

I cannot believe we are one month away from your first birthday.  The past year has been a lot of fun for Momma.  I have been home with you for all of it except for a six week period early last summer.  I’m glad that I was given this gift of time to be home with you and your sister.  I think that you two have a wonderful relationship already.

I think this next month is going to fly by and before I know it we’ll be having your first birthday party.  I can’t wait. I know you’re going to have so much fun.  I’m curious to see if you will dig into the cake or just look at it like your sister did.



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  1. Look at you Brynn…running!
    You are so fortunate to have your Momma write this blog and put pictures here for you to see when you grow up! Papa and I saw you take those 5 steps on Christmas Day and I am looking forward to seeing you run tomorrow when I come to see you! It was a fun day at the Farm Show…you didn’t miss anyghing! Bobbi

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