Superbowl Plans?

I can tell you right now what my plans are for Superbowl Sunday……

I plan to meet Squirt.  That’s right.  I could care less about the game this year.  I am anything but a Steelers fan and the Cardinals beat our beloved Eagles so really, what’s the point?  The last few years the commercials haven’t been that entertaining.

So I decided that this year I’m going to shake things up and have a baby instead.

No, I do not have a C-section planned.  Really, what doctor would ever do that on the day of the Big Game?

On the way into work this morning I had a chat with Squirt.  I told her that I was officially giving her an eviction notice.  As of Sunday she has to find a new place to hang out.  I told her that her nursery is ready and waiting for her.  That her big sister Rylee can’t wait to hold her and that her father and I just want to see her pretty face.

Her response?  She kicked me in the ribs.

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