Love Letter: Month 17

Rylee this month your letter is over a week late, sorry about that but I have good reason, we were on vacation on the 12th and didn’t get back till the 17th.  After wading through the mess of unpacking and laundry, this is the first chance I’ve had to write to you.

20-Sep-2008 09:42
What another fun month we’ve had together. You have decided that you feel at home in our new place. You freely roam around the house, including going upstairs without us now. You will go into your playroom and play for a bit and then drag out something fun to where we are.

You still love to say goodnight to one of us from upstairs. It’s still pretty cool that you can see the family room from the upstairs hallway.

The best part of this last month is that you have finally decided to give us kisses. You won’t give anyone other than Mommy and Daddy kisses, but right now we don’t mind. It’s nice to have you give us kisses. You will “throw” kisses to other people though and they are thrilled to get them too.

When we ask you where the baby is, you still point to yourself. We’re still working on this and hoping that you soon understand that you’re the “big girl” now and that the new baby is in Mommy’s belly.

Every day you seem to do something that makes us just crack up. It might be something you say or the way you look at us, it’s fun to know that there is a surprise all the time. You have developed a habit of saying, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” if you’re doing something and you need help. It doesn’t matter if Mommy is five states away, you always say the same thing. We are hoping that soon you decide to actually call your father “Daddy”. If I ask you where he is you always know, but you only seem to want to say Mommy. Let’s make that a priority in the next month, deal?

27-Sep-2008 15:11
The biggest news this month is that you’re going to have a little sister in February. I’m sure you will be a wonderful big sister and will do your best to “help” when you can. I don’t have a sister so I’m very excited that you will have one. Since you will only be 21 months apart I think the two of you will wind up being best friends. Kind of like how Uncle Danny and Uncle Patrick were growing up. They are 19 months apart and had a blast together.

Next months letter will be full of the excitement of your first trip to Disney World.

Love, Momma

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