Sitting Up

03-Nov-2007 08:21
This past week Rylee showed us that she no longers needs her Bumbo seat to sit up. She can now sit up all by herself. If we place her on a blanket in a sitting position she is thrilled to sit there and play with her toys for a bit. It’s fun to watch her play and discover her toys, especially when we don’t have to get down on the floor to pick them up for her.

04-Nov-2007 20:42
Bill has discovered that if you pile all the toys she has in front of her she’ll be busy for about fifteen minutes. In that time she will pick up the items, play with them and drop them out of her retrievable reach. Once she drops a toy she just picks up the next one on the pile. It’s quite a bit to watch and sometimes she gets a bit overwhelmed by the all the toys.

It’s definitely fun to see her hit another milestone!

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