It’s the final countdown…

18-Jul-2007 15:17
I can’t believe that in exactly two weeks I’ll be sitting at my desk, and not the desk I’m at now. Instead I’ll be sitting at my desk on the 7th floor of Parkview Tower. I will be in the middle of my first day back to work since Rylee’s arrival. And hopefully I won’t be sitting at my desk in tears. I’m already starting to get weepy when I think about going back to the office on August 7th. From talking to my friends the first few days back are no joke. They are the toughest days of your life. Wonderful.

Rylee is getting so big. At her last doctor appointment, a few weeks ago, she was 12lbs and 22″ long. She is staying awake more during the day and trying to sleep longer at night. We really love that last part! Here’s a photo of a recent nap time in our house.

23-Jul-2007 16:19

Today is Bill’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you from Rylee and me. We love you lots!

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