We Are Blessed

Saturday April 14th, yesterday, was my baby shower. It was so much fun to see everyone and have a bunch of laughs and great food together. Thanks so much to my mom & Bill’s mom for all of their hard work and to my friend Dawn who fought her way down the Schuylkill to get the delicious cake from Stock’s.

There were so many gifts for little Sprout. I opened a bunch, took a break and opened some more! Gotta have those potty breaks when you’re pregnant. The break was great because everyone got to dip into the chocolate fountain and get a slice of cake. Yum!

Thanks so much to everyone for coming and sharing in a fun afternoon and for all the wonderful gifts for Sprout. We have lots of items to find homes for today. Last night we disassembled the TWO! diaper cakes. Let me tell you, putting one of those together is no small task, it can’t be, because taking one apart took both of us a while.

Here are a few photos from the day just click on the photo to see it full sized….

14-Apr-2007 10:53
14-Apr-2007 11:06
14-Apr-2007 11:22


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