An artist….who knew?

My parents have been friends with and fans of a local artist for many years.  His name is Andy Smith.  You can see his works here.

Last year my mother gave my father four lessons with Andy as a gift.  My dad dove into these lessons the same way he approaches everything in life, with full gusto!

Turns out my dad really has some talent.  We’ve all been impressed by the watercolors he’s created.

Last weekend Andy had an open house for his students.  We went to support my dad and it turns out he was placed next to his best friend who has also been taking classes.  It was a fun time and I was really impressed by works from all of Andy’s students.

I was especially proud of my dad and his beautiful watercolors.

You can see the students’ works here.  Just click on “my students’ paintings” on the right hand side.  Then scroll down a bit until you see Jim Tanner.  These are my dad’s works.

I told him that I’d really love one of his works for my birthday this year.  I wonder which one he’ll pick out for me?

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