Love Letter: Month 20

Month 20 already!  I can’t believe it.  And yesterday, on the actual date, I posted about Squirt.  Oh well, chalk it up to my pregnancy brain.

26-Dec-2008 12:18
The past month has been a lot of fun for you.  You had your second Christmas and you were very into opening the gifts this year.  It was great watching you open your gifts and wanting to play with each item right away.

I think the best time was at Bobbi and PaPa’s house.  Everyone was there this year.  That means there were six kids ripping into gifts all at once.  It was chaotic but fun.  I know that Bobbi and Papa really enjoyed it too.

As usual you got a lot of gifts and you really like all of them.  You got your first baby doll and all the accessories to go with her.  You also got a fun tent for the playroom as well as a neat puzzle with magnets so you can ‘fish’ the pieces out of it.  What amazes me is that after doing this puzzle only a handful of times, you knew exactly where all the pieces went.

26-Dec-2008 12:47
We really did see a lot of family at Christmas and friends too.  You enjoyed your time with everyone.  Especially the time with your cousins.  You took a while to warm up to all of them, but once you did you were right there in the thick of the chaos.  I think the most fun you had with them was at night when all of you were in your jammies and you were wrestling.  You jumped right into the pile of bodies and flailing limbs.

27-Dec-2008 12:03
One thing you really enjoyed about the holidays was all of the outdoor lights.  You would oooh and ahhh as we drove at night.  If we passed a house and there wasn’t another one right away with lights we would hear, “more, more” from the back seat.  Then when another house would appear we’d hear squeals of delight from you.

Something wonderful that has FINALLY happened is that your room is no longer a horrid mangled mess of blues and boy decor.  You now have a pretty purple (which you say like a champ!) room.  It took Mommy & Daddy a while to find stuff for the walls (who knew that would be the hard part?) but you do love the flowers on the walls.  Your bathroom has also been painted and you seem to like that new decor as well.

You still like to lift Mommy’s shirt and rub the baby.  You have started to give her more kisses recently too.  It’s pretty cute when you decide to do it.

And speaking of kisses.  You have now turned giving kisses to us into a game.  I asked for a kiss one morning as I put you into the car.  You said no and turned your head.  After that you proceeded to give Lambie loud kisses all the way to daycare.  I called Daddy to tell him about it and he said you do the same thing when he brings you home from daycare.  You really do crack yourself up with this game.  So when we finally do get some kisses from you it’s a big deal.

This past month has been really fun.  I have a feeling the next few months may not be as fun with the arrival of Squirt.  You do love babies though, especially Baby Molly – your cousin who you were very gentle with.  We hope you are like that with Squirt when we bring her home.