Rylee’s first….

17-Jul-2008 17:59
injury-related trip to the ER happened Wednesday.

I got the call from daycare at 11:30am and was told that Rylee had fallen and hit her head on the table in the toddler room. She had a cut near her left eye and they thought it might need a stitch or two. In true Momma fashion I rushed around to get your stuff ready and to get you at daycare. I called the pediatrician and they told me that I had to take you the ER as they didn’t do stitches there. (Things have changed since Momma was little because I know my stitches were done in the doc’s office.)

I flew into daycare and there you were all cuddle up with Miss Shannon. As soon as you saw me you were sad again. We left there and headed to Phoenixville Hospital. (A side note here: The hospital is doing major renovations and the parking that was in the back for the ER is gone. That means that they have set up special parking out front for the ER, but no one cares and they park whereever they want when they are going in to have their bunions looked at.) Since there was no parking available I decided to use the free valet parking . The kid wanted to know how long my appt was for, I quickly told him we were headed to the ER so plan on a few hours. Good thing!

Two and a half hours later we left the ER with a steri-strip on your boo-boo and a band-aid over it to make sure you didn’t pick at it. You were such a champ in the hospital. You fell asleep about 20 minutes before the doctor finally saw you and you were groggy enough that you only fussed a little bit when they took of the original band-aid and put the new stuff on.

You slept the whole way home and for about another 20 minutes at home. After that you were up and your fun usual self. Daddy got home and we played for a bit before heading out to the Fireman’s Carnival for dinner and fun with Dawn & Mark’s family. After that you played for quite a while at home before you crashed. You fussed a bit overnight, but slept through. Today you are back to normal and at daycare again for more fun.

I am hoping, a lot, that this is only ER trip we have with you. However, since you have clumsy tendancies, much like your cousin Zoie, we aren’t going to hold our breath too long.