Love Letter: Month 13

Things have been busy around here recently and I apologize being almost a week late with your thirteen-month letter. We’ve had a lot of houseguests recently and that has thrown our regular schedule off track. I think I’m almost done playing catch up from it.

This past month has been a really fun one for our little family. The biggest thing has been that you are now walking. You are not walking all the time, but you are definitely trying to. You still spend a lot of time standing and playing or “reading” books. You can now bend over and pick up anything from the floor and stand up again with the item in hand. We love watching you stand up from a sitting position on the floor as well. You really are quite good at it these days.

We are enjoying your attempt at a vocabulary. You have one thing that you just love to say, “Uh oh!” You picked it up from Momma who says it when something falls on the floor. Your first week or so of saying it resulted in the “Uh” being silent while your mouth was open, then we’d hear the “Oh” part. It really was comical listening to you. Now you have completely mastered it and you seem to enjoy tossing stuff on the floor just so you can say it. Daddy isn’t too happy about that, but we still think it’s fun to hear you say it.

Another word you like to say is bottle, but your version comes out as “Baa”. When you say this and Daddy is around he’s quick to say “ttle” to try to get you to finish the word. It never works and you just repeat, “Baa” until he gives you a bottle. This past weekend we brought you in our room in the morning and the first thing you did was pull out your binky out of mouth and say “Baa”. I guess you were thirsty that morning.

A few times we’ve heard you say your version of “more” and “thank you”. You like to say thank you when you hand something to someone. I think it’s because we say thank you every time you give us something so you think you should say it too. You are starting to say more when you sign it at meals. I have a feeling that’s going to be a word you master rather quickly as you always want more.

This past month we took you to have allergy testing done. You had the full back scratch panel done and I’m thrilled to report that this is one place where you take after Momma. As of now you have no allergies. Yay! Since we got those results we have given you grapes. To you this has been the best addition to your diet – ever! When you eat them (cut in half of course) you make such a loud slurping sound. What really amazed me was that you put down a piece of an Oreo to eat grapes. Are you really my kid? Who puts down an Oreo for fruit?!? Actually I was really glad when you did it. We want you to continue your healthy diet. And for the readers, the Oreo took her about three sittings to eat. She really does love her fruit and veggies.

I’m looking forward to the next month, as I know that more changes are in store for our little family. I know you will be walking full time any day now. I am going to have to go out and get some new running shoes to keep up with you though. You are always very busy. So much that these days you fight going to bed because just who is going to play with all those toys if you’re in bed? You continue to amaze me little girl.

So far, this is the best summer ever!

Love, Momma