Love Letter: Month 9

Is it really 9 months already? Rylee you make my days go by so quickly! This past month seems faster than most others for some reason. Is that because you’ve done so many new things in just a month’s time?

You have really started to come into your personality and I have to say it’s a wonderful one at that. We have seen your silly side quite a bit recently. You’ve started tilting your head to the side and smiling for no apparent reason. If we do it back at you it’s the funniest thing ever to you. It’s always followed by a bit of a giggle fest on your end. That’s another thing that’s new and fun. You have started to giggle. No more of the silent laugh for you. It’s time to let everyone know just how funny you think things are.

17-Jan-2008 20:31
One thing that makes you laugh every time is clapping. Thanks to a visit from Susanna’s family you took note and within a week you were clapping whenever Momma sang “If You’re Happy And You Know It”. It’s always a fun time when we start clapping and singing that little diddy. You also clap at anything that you think is fun and exciting. That means you are pretty much a little clap machine most days.

19-Jan-2008 13:33
As a side effect of the clapping you’ve been working on waving. Sometimes you will just stick your arm out and not move it. We chalk that up to your German genes and we’re working on getting that arm moving as it’s not the best way to greet folks. Every morning on our way out the door we make sure to wave goodbye to Jaxon and we tell him to have a good day. You get a kick out of that each time.

Another big addition this past month has been your two front bottom teeth. They have poked through and they are quite sharp to the touch. You are also struggling with another top tooth that is working its way through the gum. Last week was a super tough week for you and Momma. Three nights in a row you decided that you needed some comfort from Momma in the middle of the night as your tooth was really bothering you. Then you gave me one glorious night of solid sleep. I guess you figured that one night would have me all rested up so the following night instead of keeping me up for just one hour you made it a good two and a half hours. Oy vey! I was seriously considering different ways to lull you to sleep. Thank goodness that was a Saturday and Daddy was able to take care of you Sunday morning so that Momma could get some much needed sleep. This was extra fun for Momma because I had a bad cold the week this all happened. By noon on Friday it was a wonder I could put a sentence together.

17-Jan-2008 20:34
You are still not showing any interest in actually moving. You are rolling from your belly to your back and that’s about it. However you’ve discovered that your reach is limited and you sometimes make a move like you’re going to crawl toward whatever is just beyond your fingertips. But then you just sit yourself back up and either fuss because you can’t reach it or you give up and play with something else.

We have a feeling that this next month will bring lots more movement from you as well as many more giggles for all of us. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Love, Momma

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