Will someone please tell me the formula?

You would think that giving your baby formula was an easy thing. You talk to the doctor and you go to Target and all is well until about a year when its time to introduce milk. Yeah, right!

As is always the case with us, it ain’t that simple. When I had to stop breastfeeding Rylee was on Similac Advance. That was perfect for about three weeks. Then all of sudden she got really gassy. (Some of you are not surprised to hear this, after all she is a Tanner.) I talked to the pediatrician and he recommended we change her formula and give it three days to improve. We did that and changed to Similac Isomil Advanced.

That was last Friday through Monday. Well by Monday she wasn’t any better. In fact by then I could hear the gas moving around in her belly and the tooting had increased. This meant another call to the pediatrician.

This time they said to give Similac Alimentum a try for about 24 hours and we should notice better results. The lovely thing about this formula is that it smells worse and supposedly tastes worse too. Rylee is drinking it down so it must not be too bad. The really lousy part of it is that it is really pricey.

Now after looking around their website I think this is the formula that Rylee should be on based on this…

  • Easy to digest
  • Specially made with a unique blend of carbohydrates for less fussiness and gas*
  • Milk-based
  • All the trusted nutritional benefits of Similac® Advance®, including DHA and ARA to help baby’s developing brain.

This means another call to the pediatrician on Thursday because the Alimentum hasn’t taken care of the gas situation.

Once I figure this out I am going to work on balancing the national budget and world peace.

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