This little cutie…

05-Jun-2007 20:11
is getting so big! Yesterday was her 1 month appointment at the pediatrician. She is now 9 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long. What a big girl she’s become in a little over a month!

Today she had her hearing rechecked due to one of the antibiotics she was on in the NICU. She passed and doesn’t need to have it checked again.

She is focusing her eyes now and is starting to reach for things. This makes play time much more fun. Before she used to just lay there under the dangling noisy things. Now she really looks at them and reaches for them.

02-Jun-2007 19:41
Yesterday Rylee got her second hepatitis B shot and had a bit of a rough night as a result. Bill was at the appointment so I left the room for the shot. I figured I’d cry more than she did. According to Daddy she did well and had a cute round Snoopy band aid on her thigh afterward.

Next month she will get FOUR! shots at her appointment. I made that appointment late enough in the day that Bill will be able to be there. I will have to leave the room again. I have a feeling that it will be an even rougher night after so many shots.

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  1. Your little one is getting so big and cute! I cried last month when my son had to get all of those shots at his 2 month appointment. He didn’t seem to have too bad of a reaction. Just a little crankier and sleepier. Best of luck with little Rylee.
    Erin (Patrick and Julie’s friend)

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