The Winds of Change

I have to say that as I write this entry I am doing so with, what seems like, the weight of the world off my shoulders. Why did I feel such a great weight? Well Rylee and I have been having some nursing issues and lately it was getting to the point where I was ready to just toss in the towel and be done with it totally. We can afford formula, right?

But would I still be a good mother if I threw in the towel? How many mothers have wrestled with this same situation over the years?

Today I spoke with a lactation consultant at the hospital and after speaking to her I realized just what changes I was going to make. I was going to do what a friend of mine had done. I want to thank Melissa for telling me, months ago, that she has used this system for both of her lovely children.

I have made the decision to no longer nurse Rylee. Instead I am going to pump and she will have breastmilk from a bottle. It’s the best situation for both of us. I will no longer be in pain from feeding her and she will still get breastmilk which is the main goal.

We have had two feedings so far that have gone really well for both Rylee and I. I think that this was the best decision for both of us. I’m sure as time goes on I’ll feel even less guilt about not nursing any longer.

It’s a whole new world.

2 Replies to “The Winds of Change”

  1. Not to mention, she’s still getting the benefits of breast milk, which is very important.

    YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOMMY FOR DOING THIS! You are, contrarywise, an excellent mommy for doing what is best for you and the sprout, even though it’s hard. That, in my book, is wonderful parenting.

    Breast is best, but there’s no rule that says it can’t sit in a container in the meantime. It’s what’s in it that counts. And she knows you love her. She still gets that. She doesn’t feel unloved, because she’s still getting snuggled and fed.

    Promise. It’s gonna be great.

    (and a lot of women have this exact same struggle. You’re SO not alone.)

  2. yeah, i wouldn’t want to wrestle with that either, but it seems like you still get all the benefits.

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