The First Week

19-May-2007 16:40
Rylee rounded off her first week of life with a big visit on Saturday. We had all of our immediate family here for the afternoon. It was such a treat because we don’t know when Pat, Julie & Elijah will be back to PA for a visit. Everyone had a great time and the kids all had an amusing photo session. I think we can all appreciate those who do this for a living after our try at it.

Rylee is such a happy and content baby. She’s doing so well when it comes to feeding, we go to the doctor Wednesday for a weight check. Hopefully she’ll be up about a half a pound since last Wednesday!

19-May-2007 16:30
Bill goes back to work on Wednesday so Rylee and I are going to be having a girls day. Not sure what all we’ll be doing just yet but it will be a fun one. We’re definitely going to miss having Daddy here at home with us all day though.

2 thoughts on “The First Week

  1. It was a fun time!…having everyone together! I love the picture of Patrick…a face only a mother can love!!!!!!
    The feet are great!


  2. Alright Di, that’s it. I have looked at enough pictures already. When can we HOLD her? And KISS her? When can we get together darn it?! So very proud of you!

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