A bit of an update…

Well….it certainly has been a while!

Rylee just passed 100 days of Kindergarten.  She loves her teacher, her new friends and pretty much everything about school.  She loves coming home and having lunch with me before playing with her friends here in the ‘hood.

Brynn is enjoying pre-school as well.  She has a great teacher who has told me she’d rather send Brynn to Kindergarten next year than some the five year olds.  Wow that’s saying a lot!

In the fall we took a much needed vacation to one of our favorite spots…Disney World.  The girls really enjoyed this trip in a new way this time as it was two years since our last trip there.

A few of the highlights:  Breakfast with the princesses in Cinderella’s Castle








A lot of fun at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (despite the rain we really enjoyed ourselves!)  This was the first time we attended and we highly recommend it.


The girls were in their Halloween Costumes..Jake & Izzy from Jake & The Neverland Pirates.

After our trip we came home to some great fall weather.  We got out and about and lots of fun enjoying my favorite season.





Another fall highlight was attending the Penn State/Ohio State game.  We took Rylee and my dad with us.  Rylee really enjoyed tailgating (especially our walk to the Creamery to get ice cream!) and the game.




Thanksgiving was a fun time with family.  One big surprise was the wedding of my cousin Becky.


We thought we were having a just a baby shower for her, but it turned out to be a wedding and then a shower.  What a great day here you can find more amazing ideas!

After that it was fully swing to Christmas.  Our girls really enjoyed the time leading up to Christmas this year.  Their favorite elf, Max, returned and started their mornings off with some laughs.


This year Max got more adventurous or mischievous.  Either way the girls really enjoyed his antics.  I didn’t always enjoy cleaning up his messes but it was definitely worth it!

We had fun ringing in the New Year with our friends Frank & Paula again.  The kids always have so much fun together too.

As 2013 gets underway we are looking forward to another year full of fun and laughter.  The girls are excited about some of the plans we’ve made and we can’t wait to have new experiences with them soon.

Stay tuned…I promise to post again before five more months go by!


Fall Update

It’s beyond time for an update.  The summer kept us busy and I can’t remember how many posts I started and never finished.

29-Aug-2011 06:39


Rylee moved into the Pre-K class at “school” this fall.  She’s really enjoying it and learning a lot.  She’s really been ready to do more and we’re all happy that she’s finally in Ms. Deb’s class.

We had a fun summer, we capped it off with a trip to Rehoboth Beach the second week of September.  This is the last year we’ll be able to go so late in the season though. I cannot believe that Rylee will be in Kindergaren next year!

12-Sep-2011 19:32

13-Sep-2011 10:52


The girls had a blast playing in the sand.  Brynn enjoyed playing in the water and Rylee continued to be a land lover. Maybe next year she’ll venture into the water more.  Here’s hoping!  They really enjoyed getting up onto the lifeguard chairs at night.

18-Sep-2011 18:56


We got Rylee her first bike this summer.  She’s tried to ride a few times.  Her biggest problem is using the brakes to stop.  She’s used to using her feet in the tricycle so we’re working on the newness of the brakes.  She really does love the bike and enjoys riding it.  Brynn likes to follow her on the tricycle.


On September 4th we had the girls dedicated at church.  Our church doesn’t baptize children and they do this instead.  They enjoyed being up on stage but didn’t really understand just what it all meant.

04-Sep-2011 12:49


We had some family and friends come and join us for the event.  Everyone came back to the house afterward for fun and food.

11-Sep-2011 17:05


We’re looking forward to a fun fall together.  We’ve been watching PSU and Eagles games together.  Rylee really enjoys watching the games with us.  Brynn, not so much.  Mostly because that girl just cannot sit still long enough.  On tap is apple picking and maybe a corn maze too.  We’ll definitely be decorating pumpkins.  Stay tuned for photos of those.

The girls have decided on their Halloween costumes.  Not to give anything away but at our house it’s all princess – all the time.

Things are going well for Bill and I at work. Bill just started a new project that has him managing quite a few pieces of a bigger project he is supporting the American Retrieval that allows him to get the medical record retrieval for his company.