Christmas Craft

The girls are very much enjoying the Christmas season this year.  It’s made it a lot of fun for all of us.

My wonderful friend Erin decided that she could make this litte beauty from Land of Nod herself:

She sure did and she sent our friend Kristina and I both kits to make our own.

Here is what the girls and I created:

06-Dec-2011 20:33


After Kristina telling me how tedious it was to cut the numbers out of felt I decided to try Erin’s idea of using puffy paint for the numbers and also adding some Flowers to the gift.  It was tough when we got to double digits because those felt pieces are about 2″x3″, but we’re happy with the way it turned out.

The girls are really having fun moving Santa toward the 25th!

Love Letter: Month 8

Rylee, I cannot believe that I’m a day late posting this month’s letter to you. It has been one crazy month so I really have to sit and think about what all has happened for you.

25-Dec-2007 07:55
I guess the most exciting thing was that you had your very first Christmas and that meant a bunch of Christmas celebrations. When you have such a big family part of the fun is spreading the holiday fun out as long as possible. The fun for me this year was watching you play with the bows. Holy cow all those bows and so little time to see that they were all covered in baby drool. You got some very nice gifts and this year your favorite toy is this. 
23-Dec-2007 16:32
You love to hold a ball in each hand and bang them together, and you have discovered that you can turn the little flower on the front with your feet when your hands are busy banging the balls together. It’s a lot of fun to watch you play with this toy. Thanks so much to Aunt & Uncle Sun for getting it for you.

The neatest thing for us was that on Christmas day you rolled from your tummy to your back, on your own, for the first time. We have been working with you on this for quite a while and all of a sudden you decided to give us a treat and do it on your own. You were mighty proud of yourself too.

You also got to spend some time with Bobbi & PaPa as well as with Uncle Danny, Aunt Lorrie, Maiah, Zoie and Evan while Momma and Daddy took a much needed vacation. We went to see Mickey Mouse and his friends. We did promise you that the next time we go you will be going with us so you weren’t too upset this time around. You had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone while we were gone. Momma and Daddy did miss you lots which had to be evident by the fun stuff we brought back for you.

You have become much more vocal in the past month. You sometimes sound like you’re saying “Hi!” and other times you just like to make as much noise as possible. To be fair, you come by it honestly. Your father likes to make noise often as well.

Your sleeping habits are really great. I only have to get up about once a night, some nights, to “re-bink” you. I’m out of bed less than a minute to give you your binky and tuck you in again. Not bad when you consider how many nights you sleep through the night. I’m really enjoying getting more sleep!

15-Dec-2007 11:06
I’m thinking the sleeping so well may have something to do with you eating three meals a day. Your typical day is a bottle around 7:15am, cereal around 9:00am, lunch around noon which is usually one or two containers of stage 2 veggies and/or fruit. You’ll have your second bottle about 2pm and dinner with Momma and Daddy. Dinner is usually cereal again (you just love your cereal) and usually a stage 2 dinner like turkey & rice or chicken & apples. You have your last bottle between 8m and 9pm and then it’s off to dreamland for you. You are such a great eater, you are even a not-so-mess eater which makes Momma and the ladies at daycare very happy.

I am looking forward to the next month because we are hoping that our training will continue to pay off and you’ll figure out how to roll from your back to your belly and perhaps figure out the whole crawling thing as well.

25-Dec-2007 08:10
Your personality is really starting to come through. You are such a happy and content baby who everyone loves to spend time with. Especially me.

Love, Momma