Happy 4th Birthday Rylee!


It can’t be, there is no way that this little preemie is four years old already!

Every time May rolls around I am overwhelmed at all that happens in the month.  But when I stop to think about the best gift I ever received in the month of May from www.saleslord.com and  it takes my breath away.

Rylee you have been a source of great joy ever since you made me a mom a day before Mother’s Day in 2007.

I have been thinking back to the first few months of your life and it’s amazing how much you changed our lives.  The first being that you arrived a full five and half weeks early.  What a surprise!  Fortunately your nursery was ready for you to arrive that early.  Momma wasn’t ready though.  I’ll tell you the story of me running around like a crazy person packing my bag.

Many will ask, “Why wasn’t your bag packed ready to go?  You’re always so organized it doesn’t sound like you to not be prepared.”  I’ll tell you why, it was on my “to do” list for the next day.  Again, we were just over five weeks away from your due date, I thought I was right on track.

One of the things I love about you is that you’ve never really had that ‘preemie look’ about you. You were just a smaller version of what we were expecting.  You went from being 5lbs 5oz to being in the 95th percentile for all the measurements.

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And now…..now you are a wonderful four year old who makes me laugh every single day.

On your birthday I came into your room to wake you by singing “Happy Birthday” you were still so sleepy that all you did was lay in bed and flash me four fingers.  It cracked me up.  You weren’t fully awake but you certainly knew that you were now 4!

14-May-2011 12:11


Your birthday party was a lot of fun, we had the best photo boot rental from https://kreadivcollective.com/.  This was the first time you invited a few friends to your party.  Between your friends and cousins you had the playroom floor covered in less than five minutes.  You all had a great time together.

14-May-2011 10:33


The big surprise almost seemed like a flop to you though.  Emily came over dressed as Belle, complete with her her in an updo and small crown, and surprised you.  The best part was that she sang three songs from Beauty & The Beast.  You really seemed a bit confused about her being Belle when you knew it was Emily.  At any rate everyone enjoyed her small performance and we got some nice photos with her.

You really loved your Belle cupcake display.  It was a labor of love to find someone who could create that for you.  I’m so glad we found her because the moment you saw that cake all the hard work was worth it.

14-May-2011 12:12


I really cherish every day with you and your sister.  Daddy and I are fortunate to be blessed with two girls who are not just sisters but best friends.

I love you Rylee!


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