Love Letter: Month 14

09-Jul-2008 20:45
Well babe, it’s been another busy month for our family. In one short month we decided to start looking for a single family home again (we had stopped looking for a few months), found a place, put our house on the market and sold it. Actually it took less than one month for all of this to happen, more like three weeks. Whew! What a whirlwind of month it’s been!

In this month you achieved a major milestone—-you are now walking as your major mode of getting around. In less than a month you seem to have mastered walking in your bare feet. It’s fun to watch you toddle around the house. Daddy also decided it was time to teach you to go up the steps. Wow, could you be more proud of yourself? You are quite the pro at it. We’re still working on having you come back down. You’re almost getting the hang of it.

Your vocabulary is getting bigger, but only on your terms. Every now and then you will sign and say “All done” at the end of a meal. You have Momma and Dadda mastered and use them quite a bit. You are now signing “Please” after signing and saying “More”. Now and then a “Thank You” will slip out, but is more of a rare word for you.

09-Jul-2008 20:18
We’ve noticed that you’re becoming a bit bored with some of your toys so we’re on the lookout for some that are more enteraining and educational for you. We got you a neat puzzle that has animals on it. When you put the puzzle piece on the board you hear the sound the animal makes. We think it’s pretty cool but you seem to just love dumping all the pieces and seeing how many you can hold in one hand.

At daycare they have just started to transition you into the toddler room. You are now spending about an hour or so a day in the room with the 1-2 year olds. You’ve done fairly well too. Your favorite part is that you get to go outside. You love being outside so this is a new bit of fun for you. It’s definitely an adjustment, but you are going to love it in there. You even brought home your first coloring project. Miss Tricia helped you with it and hangs on the fridge. We’re looking forward to getting much more artwork for the fridge soon.

14-Jun-2008 21:10
You like to spend a lot of time riding around the house on the neat little vehicle that Yeh-Yeh and Ni-Ni got you for your birthday. You ride around and seem very intent most of the time. Then you hit a wall and get frustrated. You still to work on learning how to steer it.

You went to your first wedding this month too. Our friends Dawn & Mark were married and PaPa did their ceremony. It was a very nice evening and you had a lot of fun. Congrats to Dawn & Mark. You also welcomed 5, yes 5 new friends to the world this month. We are so excited for all of our friends and family who are enjoying their newborns. It’s been fun getting the announcements and photos!

We have started packing up the house for our move in August. You have been such a big help by constantly moving the same empty box all over the first floor. You think it’s hilarious to pick it up and drop it. Given this, you will not be asked to help pack the dishes. You are still in love with paper. Any kind of paper will do for you. You love to take it out of the office trash can and walk around with it some days. Other days you like to sit and crumple it or rip it. It’s nice to know we have so many toys for your entertainment taking up all kinds of space in the house.

The next month will be an interesting one as more of the house is packed up. You will probably wonder why we took down all the neat artwork and replaced it with boring brown boxes. I am waiting to take down the artwork in your room until the end though. You love pointing to Pooh and Tigger every day when you get up. When we walk out of your room, every time, you wave to them.

It’s been a fun month. I can only imagine what fun is in store ahead.

Love, Momma

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