Love Letter: Month 7

14-Nov-2007 07:44
Rylee, I cannot believe that you are now 7 months old and that Christmas is going to be here in 13 days. 2007 has really flown by for me.

You started off the past month by contracting bronchiolitis. It was not fun for any of us while you were sick. You had to have nebulizer treatments four times a day. We have since worked you down to once a day so you are improving. We’ve also been battling the eternal baby runny nose. Daddy has a clever way of cleaning it out so you stay a bit clearer as a result. We just can’t have a crusty kid! Next week we go back to the pediatrician for what we hope is the last follow-up appointment. Unfortunately you will also be getting the second part of your flu shot that day too.

You are doing so well at sitting and playing. The ladies at daycare love that you are so content to sit and play. This frees them up a bit for the more high maintenance babies. We like it too because it’s fun to watch you discover something new on a toy you’ve been playing with for weeks.

Bathtime has moved from the original baby tub in the kitchen sink to the new inflatable ducky tub that goes in the bathroom tub. You love your bath. Playing with the hula ducky (Thanks Bec!) keeps you occupied while Momma does the cleaning. When you’re all done and need rinsed you try to catch the water that falls over you from the sprayer. Sometimes we just sit and play with the water for a bit.

You have been doing really well at eating your veggies and now fruit. Although cereal remains your fave. Especially now that we have the kind with bananas in it! Last night I gave you six of the Gerber puffs that are sweet potato flavored. It took you a while to figure out how to pick up something so small. Then it turned out that I needed to put it in your mouth for you, as you just couldn’t manage it on your own. It was an odd sensation for you because you kept working it around in your mouth, but it would always end up coming out a few times before it dissolved in your mouth. Then you seemed puzzled as to where it went. I think we’ll try it again tonight with another six puffs.

24-Nov-2007 08:00
Jaxon has also become the target of your curiosity. You like to reach out and touch him anytime he’s close to you. It’s really fun to watch the two of you interacting. He has no clue what he’s in for when you become mobile.

A note on that, when are you going to have the urge to move on your own? You have zero desire to even roll over. We work with you to try to get you to do it and some days it seems that you get the hang of it. But you still don’t do it on your own. We aren’t worried, you are going to move when you’re good and ready to. And I’m sure when it happens we’ll remember the days when you couldn’t and wonder why you decided to move.

In the past month you have perfected what we call the “Silent Laugh”. You get very excited and you raise and lower your arms with force and you open your mouth like this…

24-Nov-2007 10:52
…but NO sound comes out at all. Every now and then you will let out a little giggle while doing this, but it’s not very often. We start to laugh because we think the “Silent Laugh” is just hysterical and this makes you “laugh” even more.

The neatest thing in the past month was taking you to see Santa Claus. He was beautiful; he was dressed like Father Christmas. When we were in line he came back from his break and stopped to talk to each child in line. You were pretty tired at this point and Daddy was working hard to keep you from nodding off. Santa came up to you and all he wanted was a smile. It took a bit, but you eventually gave him a big smile. He was thrilled. Then when it was your turn to sit on his lap (I was holding my breath because I didn’t want to have that child that screamed) you just looked up at him and gave him another beautiful smile. It was wonderful. I’m hoping that next year you feel the same way about him!

I am very much looking forward to your first Christmas. I know that you have no idea what it’s all about. But for me the joy will come from just watching you interact with your family. I already have the best gift ever.

Love, Momma

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  1. I love reading your love letters to Rylee. You can tell you are just loving being a mother. It makes me a little sad that I’m missing out on her funny little faces, and getting to know her. Thank you for posting these, so I can catch a glimpse of her growing. I miss you.

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