Love Letter: Month 6

12-Nov-2007 20:45
Holy cow, I cannot believe you are six months old today! The past month has really flown by. There have been quite a few firsts for you as well.

21-Oct-2007 10:19
Let’s start with how very vocal you are now. Oh yes, there is never a doubt that you are close by since finding your voice. Yesterday you spent the entire screaming. Were you upset, nope – sick, nope – you were just letting us know that you know how to scream. I have to say, after yesterday, you’re very good at it. But I hope you’re done letting us know that you can do it. If not, we’re totally entering you into a contest.

You have also started sleeping through the night. Although most nights you still make Momma get out of bed at least once to “rebink” you. I stumble in, reach around the crib for the binky, and stick it back in your mouth, tuck you in again and go back to bed. It’s a lot better than getting up to feed you in the middle of the night. There are the random gifts you give me of a full night’s sleep. I’d like to make a request that those start to outnumber the “rebink” nights please.

04-Nov-2007 20:45
You are also now a total pro at sitting up on your own. We put you on a blanket with a bunch of toys and you are happier than a pig in poop. For about ten minutes. You sit there and look out the back slider at the trees blowing in the wind, check out Jaxon as he walks around sniffing. And when that all gets boring you dig into the pile of toys that Daddy has put in front of you. After playing with them and tossing them just out of reach you get fussy. The main point is that you can sit and play on your own now. You have your drunken moments when you just fall over for no particular reason. That’s when we swoop in, sit you back up and take away the bottle of beer. (Just kidding!)

10-Nov-2007 08:13
This past Saturday was a big day for you. You attended your very first Penn State game. You even tailgated! That’s right we bundled you up and headed out to Lincoln Financial Field to watch Penn State clobber the Temple Owls. You did spend part of the tailgate in the car, where it was nice and toasty, taking a nap. But you did hang out with the adults for a bit and everyone thought you were a pro. You enjoyed almost the entire first half of the game. But then it was just too much for you and you crashed for the rest of the game. Momma was more than happy to hold you because it meant that I had a nice little heater under the blanket. You woke up as we were going down the escalator after the game. You had a great time people watching the whole way back to the car.

We have had a bunch of fun family times this past month. It’s been so much fun doing new things with you. Daddy and I had a great time taking you to Linvilla. You were the hit of the day when we were taking photos. This will be something we’ll do every year. It’s going to be fun to watch you grow and enjoy different things there.

This next month is going to be exciting. We will start you on veggies and fruits in a few days. This will make mealtime take on a whole new meaning. I’m sure it’s going to be much more colorful than the cereal you’re currently having. Not to mention the color on the other end a few hours later. Ah…..the joys of being the parent.

The best thing that you’ve started doing this month is to give Daddy and I kisses. Well it’s more like you put your open mouth on our cheeks and drool. It’s the best kiss ever! I will take as many as I can any day.

In another week we’ll be giving thanks as we celebrate your first Thanksgiving. Last year I was thankful that this year there would be a new addition to the table. This year I’m thankful for so much more than just another highchair!

Love, Momma

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