Love Letter: Month 4

12-Sep-2007 18:29
I can’t believe another month has passed already. The time is just flying by. You have been growing so much in the past month. I have already pulled two of your 3-6 month outfits out of the drawers because they are too short to button already! You are so long these days! I can’t wait till Friday when we go to the doctor because we’ll find out just how many inches you’ve grown since July. And we’ll also know how much you weigh.

21-Aug-2007 16:31
In the past month you have discovered how much fun it is to blow bubbles. You enjoy it so much that sometimes you wear a few different bibs throughout the day. You are also discovering your hands. There are times when we catch you just staring at them in awe. Then there are the times when you really use them while playing in your excersaucer or while sitting in your Bumbo seat playing with toys. Both of these items are great for keeping you busy and giving us a bit of free time to get things done. You have noticed that there is a dog in the house as well, we have searched some dog names, but at the end we have chosen Captain. You are still pretty much indifferent to him eventhough he seems to think you’re pretty neat.

12-Sep-2007 18:26
Your personality has also really developed a lot recently. You have always been a content baby but lately you’ve been even more of a happy babe. You have been enjoying looking around more and being able to focus on things farther away. Its taking some getting used to but it’s been fun.

The more time passes the more you really look like a blend of Momma and Daddy. When you were first born there was no doubt you were a Ma. These days the Tanner features are starting to show through as well.

In the middle of August you took your first road trip to Rochester with us. You did very well on the long car ride. I’m sure we’ll be doing it again to go and visit your friends, the twins, Audrey and Emily. Erin and I really wished we lived closer so that the three of you could have play dates and Erin and I could have fun Mommy time.

In the past month Momma and Daddy have grown to love you even more. Who would have thought it was possible. But each day we seem to find a little more room in our hearts to fill with love for you little one.

26-Aug-2007 15:22
You are still such a joy first thing in the morning. You always have a big smile for us when we come in to get you up and get your day started. I realized just how much I miss this when you spent your first weekend away from us. Yes, this past weekend you stayed with Yeh-Yeh and Ni-Ni while Momma and Daddy went to watch Penn State stomp on the Irish! We missed you terribly, but we had a nice adult weekend away. I know that, as with dropping you off at daycare, each time will get easier. When we got back to pick you up you were very happy to see both of us. What a great feeling that was. Seeing your smile again made my day. I doubt that will ever change.

Love, Momma

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